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Bridal MakeUp

Special moments have to be beautifully crafted, thus making it memorable forever. Welcome to the world of Bronzer Makeover, be it a party, wedding or any such important chapter of your life, I am at your service to give you that perfect look, which will make you a special someone. Take some time and browse through my life, I'm sure at the end of it you'll know, I am that person, who'll make your moments memorable!!!

Commercial Makeup

A queen for the day, a bride is the center of attention, the cynosure of all eyes. Her beauty is admired by everyone around and especially by the groom who can barely keep his eyes off her. It`s an occasion worthy of all the time and attention that is devoted on making the bride look her gorgeous best.

Fashion Makeup

Fashion makeup is a unique field within the larger career of makeup artistry. Makeup for fashion settings is usually designed to be high impact, and is meant to show the model and the design being modeled to the best effect. However, it can also be highly experimental; runway shows can include a variety of looks from relatively plain makeup which allows the clothes to be clearly seen to elaborate prosthetics which become part of the overall display on the catwalk.


Fashion and glamour photographers know the benefits of makeup and usually have a makeup artist on set. Portrait photographers are often not that fortunate. Typically, they work with the makeup or lack of makeup the subject wears, then correct for shine, blotches, and uneven skin tone in post-production. But, with a few makeup supplies and a bit of practice, any photographer can develop enough skill to apply basic makeup and improve a portrait right from capture.

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